Problems are usually due to shrinking or staining. The main factors contributing to shrinking are heat and excessive agitation.

Do not wash at too high a temperature. Follow the garment label instructions, however 30 degrees C is the maximum temperature you should use.

Garments with transfer printed logos or numbers should be turned inside out before washing.

Use an appropriate wash cycle.

Always wash similar colours together and separate dark and light items.

It is very rare for a colour to run unless an item of a different composition (eg a sock) has been left in the wash with a batch of shirts

Do not leave damp garments together for any length of time as this can cause dye transference

Excessively muddy shirts should be rinsed immediately then soaked in cold, soapy water (hot water can cause stains to set), then washed as normal

Do not overload the washing machine as this will restrict the washing action

Try not to tumble dry at all. If you have to do so, make sure it’s on the lowest heat setting.

Do not iron directly over a transfer print. Where a transfer print has been applied, iron the garment inside out.



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